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Maria’s Restaurant was created in the mid-1980’s when a lady by the name of Maria decided to open what would become the best kept secret in Scotch Plains, NJ. Located at 381 Park Avenue with the entrance from the back where the Parking Lot is, Pizza and Italian food has been satisfying surrounding families for the past many years.

mikeIn 1993, Maria sold her beautiful project to man that everyone calls Mike. He made his way up to one of the best chefs that graced restaurants all over Northern NJ. When he took over Maria’s, he brought with him a personal love for the business and that love was put into the food as he spent countless hours preparing masterful dishes for hungry customers.

The specialty of Maria’s is the fact that most of the food is homemade. Mike and his talented staff spend the time to create homemade ravioli, linguini and lasagna among other delicious choices. Tasting this food automatically proves how positive the difference really is. If you do not want to take our word for it, come and try it and you will love it.


Maria’s is a family-run business. When you come in with your family, you do not have to feel the pressure that you do when you visit fancy places. In fact, we encourage you to come in and feel at home because if you do not feel that way, we are doing something wrong.

So come on in to Maria’s and try out our famous food. If you can’t, then give us a call and we will bring the food right to you.